Celebrating a queen

For a few years I dabbling in creating greeting cards. They were all decorated with fabric paint, fabric glitter, gems and fabric. The original concepts were all LGBT inspired because I was selling them at DC Black Pride in 2005. I did this for two years then stopped.

In 2007, a fellow Buddhist member saw a greeting card I made in high school and commissioned me create renditions of them geared towards Mothers Day.

We came up with the title Celebrating a Queen and I went from them. She placed an order 50 cards needed within a few weeks so that she could mail them off for Mothers Day. It was crunch time for me and I had to work fast. Each card took on average 20-30mins each from start to finish, and being an artist we are always our worse critics. I wanted each one to be unique and memorable, so that the recipients can later on frame and hung it as art work. Final projects were as success.

From there I started making holiday cards before I decided to just create the images on paper and canvas.


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