As I’ve lived

Marriage used to be ‘till death do us part’, lately it has been more of a ‘till I can’t get my way’ or ‘till I realize it is much harder than I thought’. Many bolt at the first sign of turbulence as if it is just a regular relationship. Remember you are not dating. Marriage is a committed relationship.

Why did you marry them in the first place?
How seriously do you take and respect your vows?

Being married requires you to work it out. A great relationship can only flourish from BIG sacrifices. Their needs have to come before your wants and vice verse. Welcoming another life into your space and your heart allows you to grow and create a joint journey. Thinking that you can just COPY N PASTE another person into your already ‘perfect’ life without having to sacrifice, compromise, and adjust to create a NEW path TOGETHER….. you are truly Delusional.

When the obstacles arise, sometimes remembering why you married that person in the first place helps us to reposition our Armour and go another round. I do agree that Love is not going to ‘fix’ all problems, but it along side courage, prayer and determination can create the strongest foundation that can withstand anything. Our grandparents and parents haven’t lasted as long as they have floating on love, fairy tales or magic it took HARD WORK and STRONG COMMUNICATION. You have to say what you NEED without reservations and understand the difference between your wants and needs.

Ultimately if you have given your all and then some, then you have to do what is right for your mental and emotional heath.. A L L meaning just that ALL. Not just the amount of effort you think you should put out, based on the other persons actions. This is not a tit for tat game. No one wins when you are trying to keep score, so check your ego before you say “I DO”




One thought on “As I’ve lived

  1. that is beautifully said. I don’t think any comments are in place as the statement that you have to check your EGO before you say “I do” is more than enought to make some people think. Well, at least I hope it makes them think.

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