A contemporary and abstract artist who enjoys working with traditional and mixed media. My academic roots in both graphic design and visual communication have cultivated a unique painting style that uses bold color and varied traditional techniques to tell a story. My eclectic collection includes works in acrylic, watercolor, pastel and often a combination to capture the collective shared human experience. Although many of my pieces aim to capture the female form, I consistently explores universal themes often prompting the viewer to challenge their own understanding of interconnectedness, love, and growth.

As a mostly self taught artist and music lover, I have been featured in several exhibits in the DC and Baltimore Metropolitan areas including the Duke Ellington Exhibit at the Smithsonian and Artistry II at a Baltimore City Gallery. I also host, Art Park, a free monthly art event during the summer months for aspiring artist, art lovers, and and their families.

Quick Background
I was in Jamaica, raised in England, and currently resides in the Baltimore suburbs. I grew up playing sports, painting and playing instruments.

Fun Fact
My name Kayon, in Javanese means “tree of life and creation”


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